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Busy Bees Group is a global success story.

Focused on being one of the top early education providers worldwide, Busy Bees is committed to doing things differently. Our global mission is to give children the best start in life and our early learning approach is based on discovery and exploration of respectful relationships with children. 


Busy Bees began 40 years ago in 1983, when the founders were looking for a nursery for their children and were left frustrated by the lack of quality childcare available. They wanted to give their children the best start in life, which meant better, more exciting care, stimulating environments, and lots of opportunities for play, interaction, and development, at their own pace and in their own space. They couldn't find a nursery that offered everything we wanted. So, they decided to create it for themselves, opening their first centre in Staffordshire (UK).


In that very first Busy Bees nursery, a safe and enriching home-from-home environment was created, filled with opportunities to learn. Passionate staff were recruited with boundless enthusiasm for their work and a never-ending commitment to the children.
It was a place where children's emotional needs were met, their interests were nurtured, and their individuality was respected, which made it somewhere parents loved too. 
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Time to grow and flourish

Busy Bees has grown to become the largest provider of childcare in the United Kingdom. The original founders are still very much involved in the running of Busy Bees, and the standards of childcare they demanded, for their own children back then, are still enthusiastically preserved in every facility managed by Busy Bees.

Busy Bees has become synonymous with quality care, and adopts a practical child-centred approach, where children are respected as individuals and encouraged to learn and develop at their own pace within a home from home environment. The needs of the individual child are paramount in all our facilities, and Busy Bees work together to create initiatives, supply resources and provide outstanding care to ensure every child’s interests, safety and happiness is central to everything we do.

We are proud to be part of a global success story. It’s by keeping these values at heart, and working to the highest standards we can, that we’ve become the leading global early education and care provider.
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A bright future

In October 2021 Busy Bees Learning (Australia) purchased Provincial Education, maintaining the existing management and leadership teams. This showed Busy Bees commitment to providing the very best in quality care and education throughout the world, recognising the high standards that Provincial Education has in New Zealand.  

Whilst the change of ownership has not reflected in any real changes to the Provincial Education Group, we’ve decided to establish the Busy Bees name amongst our centres. We’re proud of the heritage of Busy Bees, as we are of Provincial Education, and by combining them we believe that we will bring together the best of both worlds.  

Ehara taku toa I te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini 

Our strengths are not from us alone, but from the gifts, talents, and strengths of many.  

We will stand true to our values, and we will respect and honour the uniqueness of each centre. Each centre will continue to reflect their tamariki, their families, teaching teams and their communities. We believe that taking the strengths and knowledge from both countries will support us in our ambition to be the best early learning provider in New Zealand.  

In common, we hold a strong commitment to providing the highest quality care and education, and we have a strong alignment around values. We are all committed to future generations of New Zealanders and believe that every child and every teacher matters. Our connection to the land of Aotearoa is paramount to our future.  

Ka whangai, ka tupu, ka puawai matatu. Tu Mataora.  
That which is nurtured, grows and blossoms. Stand tall. Shape the future.  

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