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A hauora approach

Hauora is a unique view of health and wellbeing, that takes a holistic view of physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing.

By placing equal emphasis of these four key pillars of hauora, we can connect and weave key elements into the curriculum everyday with children.

This ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of all tamariki led us to research and develop our own MOVE (physical activity) and Nourish (food and nutrition) programmes.

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Nutrition is the foundation for healthy growth and development in children. Nourish menus fuel our children with the right nutrients to grow and develop. We create full, healthy tummies enabling clear minds to focus on the learning, setting children up to thrive. 

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Physical movement provides precious tamariki with opportunities to thrive. Working alongside our Nourish programme, MOVE creates opportunities for intentional teaching of physical movement. 

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