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Learning and Development begins with the body!

Early childhood learning and development begins with the body. Movement primes the brain for learning, forming the foundations for cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual learning.

We’re passionate about supporting children to flourish in these precious early years of growth, learning and development.  This is a special opportunity to positively impact children’s lives by establishing the association of fun and enjoyment with physical activity and movement, which has so many benefits for their health and wellbeing both now and into the future.

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Research based

Research tells us that early introduction of fundamental movement through structured activity, sets children up with healthy habits throughout their lives.

Our MOVE physical activity programme provides resources for kaiako to effectively and intentionally lead tamariki in fun and fulfilling physical activities.

MOVE activities focus specifically on the key fundamental movement skills for early childhood development. Essential skills included in the programme are Stability and BalanceManipulative Skills (control of objects such as bats and balls), Locomotive Skills (required to move from one location to another running hopping, skipping, and jumping). Also taught is Mindfulness around our Body and Spatial Awareness (how we move in relation to the environment, people and objects around us).

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Team work, resilience and so much more!

Our MOVE programme deliberately sets out physical activities that give children the opportunity to learn, practice and master physical skills whilst developing their resilience, perseverance, patience, co-ordination, gross-motor skills, teamwork and much more, all while having loads of fun!

You’ll see this programme in centre as part of our regular curriculum, displayed in centre, the amazing resources available to our tamariki, and of course the fun stories they tell when they come home from centre!



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