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At Hardykids Early Learning Centre & Blossom House Nursery in Nelson, we believe children are unique and come with their own special strengths. As a whānau, we support your child's journey and individual stage of development, encouraging them to reach their full potential through a learner focused, play-based programme. 

Balance, challenge and stability at Hardykids Early Learning Centre

Our centre has five age-appropriate rooms that flow through to their respective outdoor areas. Plenty of undercover space means children can be indoors or outdoors all year round. We promote the development of active and confident learners who think, question, seek information and apply knowledge to the best of their ability. Hardykids Early Learning Centre also has an amazing outdoor garden environment for the children with a lush, spacious garden to provide stimulating and adventurous areas of play for the children to explore and relax. We are situated in a beautiful area surrounded by nature, which we utilise frequently for excursions and fun in the park.

Blossom House

Located in a beautifully renovated villa with lush gardens and spacious playrooms. We pride ourselves in providing a very homely environment where infants and young toddlers can feel safe, nurtured and content, we even have fire places to keep us cosy and warm on those colder days and heat pumps for the summer. Our teaching practises focus on high quality, respectful relationships. This has meant that we have adopted primary caregiving for infants and toddlers, where children have one ‘special teacher’ to help them with their care needs. Over the years we have found primary caregiving to be a vital part of respectful care for infants and toddlers. We understand how valuable care routine times are and how much learning is taking place for the infant if they are engaged with a sensitive and responsive adult who they can develop a trusting relationship with. In order to achieve these meaningful care moments the kaiako all work together to ensure that each care moment between a teacher and a child is unhurried and uninterrupted. 

Harakeke Room

Harakeke Rūma is an engaging world where toddlers learn and explore. Our curriculum is rooted in the science of learning. Through play, experimenting with possibilities, problem solving, and project work, we provide the tamariki with the very best early education experiences possible. Newly independent tamariki are ready to explore and discover with caring teachers at their side every step of the way. Our older tamariki are active learners, collaborating with teachers and each other, as they explore ideas and make discoveries. Independent skills living through daily routines.  

Moana Room & Aroha Room

While we do have two separate rooms for 3-4 year olds and 4–5 year olds, we spend a lot of time together. We share an outdoor space and the kaiako work collaboratively to ensure that the tamariki have the best possible learning outcomes. In addition to our curriculum, the kaiako ensure that they create an environment where tamariki can explore self-help skills, discover safety and hygiene, learn about mindfulness and social skills as well as self-regulation and empathy. Our passionate teachers inspire the love of literacy and language by reading books together recreating stories through puppets and encouraging role play. Regular visits to the local library and retirement homes enrich learning and empathy experiences.

Dietitian Designed Menus

Our dedicated cook and centre team is currently striving towards the Tohu Manawa Ora | Healthy Heart Award from the Heart Foundation.

The health and wellbeing of our tamariki is of the upmost importance. By placing intentional focus on each of these areas, we are providing tamariki with every opportunity to gain the skills and habits to take with them into a healthy future.

Our very talented Centre Chef lovingly prepares morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea daily. Our Nourish menus are dietitian approved and have been thoughtfully designed following the New Zealand Food and Nutrition Guidelines and the Ministry of Health Healthy Eating for Babies, Toddlers and Children.

Fostering a Culture of Sustainability

Children place fruit and vegetable scraps in the compost bin. Additionally, we partner with a local farmer who collects our food scraps at the end of each day to feed their pigs and goats.

Our Learning

Children are the co-constructors of their own learning journey here at Hardykids Nelson. We take care to ensure that every child has their own learning journey which is tailored to their individual learner identity. Through Storypark and children's portfolios, parents and whānau are invited to be an integral part of their child's learning which follows Te Whāriki – Aotearoa’s Early Childhood Curriculum. 

Our Educators

It is important that our teaching team share the same love and understanding for our community of learners. Each teacher comes with their own set of skills and beliefs which add up to an excellent experience for ngā tamariki. A rich cultural index and passionate teachers makes for a well-balanced, nurturing environment for your child.

Nurturing Transitions: Our Journey to School

As children prepare to spread their wings and fly towards new adventures in school, we remain committed to providing a supportive and nurturing environment that honours their individuality, fosters meaningful connections, and instils a lifelong love for learning. Together, we embark on this journey with open hearts and minds, embracing the rich tapestry of experiences that shape our collective story.

Our transition to school program is designed to support children and their families as they embark on this exciting journey towards school. Grounded in the principles of Te Whāriki, we aim to foster each child’s holistic development, celebrating their unique identity, culture, and strengths. To support this milestone we discuss directly with families their hopes and aspirations for their child, organise orientation visits to local schools and collaborate with schools to share information about children's interests, learning styles and developmental progress.

Tamariki are introduced to school-related concepts through play-based activities such as role-playing, storytelling and art. Our kaiako facilitate group discussions about school routines, expectations and strategies for managing change. Children especially love when teachers and older students from local schools join us to share their experiences and answer questions the tamariki may have.


Boy enjoying heuristic resources at Hardykids Nelson
Little artists painting on different mediums at Hardykids Early Learning Centre in Nelson
At Hardykids Early Learning Centre in Nelson we place value on transitioning children to primary school
Indoor play using colourful resources in our preschool room at Hardykids Early Learning Centre in Nelson
Indoor learning with puzzles in our preschool room at Hardykids Early Learning Centre in Nelson
Children love the outdoors at Hardykids Early Learning Centre in Nelson


Well thought out play stations and active inclusion of family. My children are comfortable and confident. The centre provides smooth transitions and are up to date with current education techniques. Hardykids Nelson has a great outdoor and indoor flow and excellent communication with parents. Teachers encourage child autonomy and independence which I love.

Parent Feedback

All the staff at Hardykids Nelson are amazing and the facilities are great! Feel so at ease sending our daughter to the centre, she always has the best day and is thriving because of it!

Parent Feedback

Dom absolutely loves attending Hardykids Nelson. The kaiako are warm and welcoming, the centre is clean, and the kids are always smiling and happy. Dom has developed so much since he first started out and it has been helped by the care and attention from daycare.

Parent Feedback

I cannot fault Hardykids Nelson. The teachers are incredibly caring, they take my lead when it comes to my parenting style and the communication is wonderful. I feel so comfortable leaving little Rupert in the care of the amazing teachers there.

Parent Feedback


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