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Oamaru Montessori by Busy Bees




Meals provided


20 Hours ECE

details-poi 6 Regina Lane, Oamaru North 9400

details-phone 03 901 0500


details-clock 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday

Location Map for Oamaru Montessori North Otago

Welcome to Oamaru Montessori

We are the newest purpose-built Montessori nursery and preschool based in gorgeous Oamaru. We pride ourselves on being the first - and the only - Montessori Early Learning & Care Centre in Oamaru & North Otago, and we are thrilled to offer another childcare option for your children.

Here at Oamaru Montessori, we approach your child’s learning from their viewpoint. Our Montessori teachers are simply here to supply opportunities in their environment, to guide their actions, to facilitate their interests, and of course to support their choices. The Montessori Educator is the dynamic link to the environment, providing a peaceful, ordered, caring context to support learning and advancement of the skills being sharpened at this important period of development.

Oamaru Montessori by Busy Bees Early Education Centre Childcare
Hands-on learning from newborn to 6 years

Oamaru Montessori by Busy Bees follows the Montessori philosophy of child-directed learning, focusing on a respect for the child and their ability to learn through discovery. Our early education centre is calm, warm and inviting; with light-filled spaces and an open plan, natural design. We create environments that encourage your child to explore and be creative, promoting active independence and freedom of choice.

Our ‘Montessori family’ of teachers are present to observe and guide your child’s learning in a supportive and patient manner while ensuring the best possible environment for learning.

Our Montessori Resources

A big part of learning through the Montessori method comes from the environments we create for our children: and much of the success of those environments comes from the spaces we create and the resources we make.

We develop and create Montessori resources to support your child’s interests. Dr Maria Montessori believed in the learning triangle: the connection that is formed between the teacher, the child, and the learning environment. We work hard to make sure our environments are stimulating, tactile, and as child-led as possible.

We source Montessori materials both locally and overseas which our children respect and love. The resources are all hand-picked to keep active minds interested and stimulated.

Food & Nutrition

Our inhouse cook provides freshly made meals for children each day. We believe that through nourishing food, children are fueled to thrive physically and mentally, whilst enjoying the benefits of coming together and connecting as a group at mealtimes. 

Teachers also do regular baking with the children, which provides them opportunities to engage and learn a range of food preparations skills and fine motor movements such as pouring, sifting, spooning. It is a great hands on sensory experience for children to develop independence through self-help skills, practice simple maths as they measure and count quantities. 

Educational Focus & Daily Routines

Our daily routines are based on a strong philosophical background, fostering children’s readiness for future learning through Montessori education, combined with NZ’s Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whariki.

This combination of both practices makes for the perfect early childhood education, promoting a child’s willingness to learn through a carefully prepared environment that enables the best learning for your child. A wide range of activities and resources are displayed and the environment allows the children to foster concentration on all subjects of the programme, with the fundamental outcome of independence, self-care, self-esteem, self-worth and self-development.

The daily routines we have included in our Montessori learning programme here at Montessori Oamaru are designed to encompass the whole child’s personality and aims to foster their natural love of learning.

Oamaru Montessori by Busy Bees Early Education Centre Childcare
Oamaru Montessori by Busy Bees Early Education Centre Childcare
Oamaru Montessori by Busy Bees Early Education Centre Childcare
Oamaru Montessori by Busy Bees Early Education Centre Childcare
Oamaru Montessori by Busy Bees Early Education Centre Childcare
Oamaru Montessori by Busy Bees Early Education Centre Childcare


Our wee girl is LOVING Monti Oamaru! Staff are lovely and the facilities are gorgeous, so pleased with it!

Previous Parent

Amazing childcare, great teachers and very organised admin. It was a pleasure for my family and specially for my daughter to stay there. She will miss you so much!

Previous Parent


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