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Busy Bees Cambridge


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details-poi 116 Swayne Road, Cambridge 3493

details-phone 07 823 3300 | 021 088 63874


details-clock 7.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

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Welcome to Busy Bees Cambridge

Our spacious grounds in Cambridge allow us to provide a curriculum of nature-based learning, where our learning doesn’t pack up and go inside when it rains. We value every child and see them as unique and a special taonga. We understand that your child’s education and care is a priority and that choosing the right centre can be a big decision.


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Our centre revolves around child-led, learning through play and exploration. Our children’s ideas spring from their imaginations, not from screens. Our big open play space allows our tamariki to engage in authentic, exciting interactions with the ‘real world’ and its elements. 

We believe that animals have much to teach children and offer children a wide variety of animals to interact with, including ponies, ducks, birds, turtles, chickens, and even a lizard called Sly! As well as working closely with animals, their feeding and care, we also focus on horticulture and spend time gardening, and growing plants and flowers. We are lucky to offer Pony riding lessons! The classes involve grooming, leading the pony, learning the parts of a pony and its gear, saddling a pony up ready to ride, and riding.

We would be delighted to share in your child’s learning journey. You’re welcome to call or visit anytime.

We have four separate areas, catering for tamariki in their similar learning and social groups. Ruma Kiwi, our infant area, is our wee nest for our littlest learners from 3 months to 2 years. Ruma Tui is a wonderfully large but homely space for our toddlers from 2 to 3 years old. Ruma Pukeko is for our intermediate group aged 3 to 4 years. Our last Ruma is Kereru, where we focus on preparing our 4 to 6-year-old tamariki for school readiness, and a significant part of this preparation involves bringing their lunch boxes from Monday to Thursday (Friday is centre cooking day). Lunch boxes play a crucial role in this process, not only by fostering independence and promoting healthy eating habits but also by teaching our tamariki the valuable skill of portioning their food for the day.

Our inhouse cook provides freshly made meals for children each day using our Nourish menus and recipes, based on the New Zealand Heart Foundation Tohu Manawa Ora | Healthy Heart Award for Early Learning Centres. We believe that through nourishing food, children are fueled to thrive physically and mentally, whilst enjoying the benefits of coming together and connecting as a group at mealtimes. 

Teachers also do regular baking with the children, which provides them opportunities to engage and learn a range of food preparations skills and fine motor movements such as pouring, sifting, spooning. It is a great hands on sensory experience for children to develop independence through self-help skills, practice simple maths as they measure and count quantities. 

Nature Programmes - Our programmes revolve purely around child-led, learning through play and exploration. Our children’s ideas spring from their imaginations, not from screens. Our big open play space allows our Tamariki to engage in authentic, exciting interactions with the ‘real world’ and its elements.

Swimming Lessons - In summer, we offer swimming lessons where they learn, basic water confidence, songs and games, bubble blowing, floating and kicking, respect for the water and general water safety. Our solar-heated in-ground pool operates throughout the summer months with our instructor facilitating a class specific to preschool children to begin their water confidence journey. Parents/caregivers will swim with all children under two.

Centre Chickens - Busy Bees Cambridge
Orchard - Busy Bees Cambridge
Sly - Blue Tongue Lizard - Busy Bees Cambridge
Painting - Busy Bees Cambridge
Nourishing Food at Busy Bees Cambridge
Caring for our ducks - Busy Bees Cambridge


Right from when my daughter started at just over 7 months old they have been nothing but fabulous! Each room caters and personalizes the individual child's needs to what you want! My daughter has a big personality and the team at Busy Bees are helping her express herself nicely! She has recently changed to Ruma Tui and the difference in her communication and speech have improved so much! Love the team who are her home away from home!

Parent Feedback

This is hands down the best daycare I have had the pleasure of being a part of, and with 4 kids I have seen a few! The staff here are amazing and have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of my family, they have supported us during difficult times and celebrated with us also. The experiences available at this daycare are incredible and every day my daughter gets to see all kinds of animals, grow plants in the garden and made mud cakes in the mudpit! They have a fantastic set up with so much space outside, I can't recommend it enough!!

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