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Busy Bees Ōtāhuhu




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details-poi 37/41 Mason Avenue, Ōtāhuhu, Auckland 1062

details-phone 09 276 6210


details-clock Mon to Fri 7:30am – 6:00pm

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Nau Mai, Haere Mai 

At Busy Bees Ōtāhuhu Early Education Centre, we value every tamati and see them as unique and a special taonga. We are in the heart of Ōtāhuhu and have a cosy nursery, a separate toddler space, and an adventurous preschool environment to provide excellent childcare and education. 


Toddler smiling wide while playing at Busy Bees Otahuhu

Our Childcare Centre in Ōtāhuhu

Our early education centre has 3 amazing learning environments for each age and stage of learning and development.  Our nursery have their own separate outdoor space, whilst the toddlers and preschool have a shared outdoor area providing endless opportunities to explore the natural environment. We promote the development of active and confident learners who think, question, seek information and apply knowledge to the best of their ability. Our team strongly value relationships with our childcare centre whānau and the wider community. 

We believe excursions and visits supports tamariki to understand what is going on around them and outside the centre setting.  Tamariki learn to ask questions and explore new environments; we plan regular visits to the local library and participate in various cultural events and activities. Our adventures provide opportunities to connect with the local community and gain first-hand experience in a different environment. Visits to parks and gardens offer tamariki the opportunity to take their learning outside the centre and at the same time connect and learn to respect nature-papatuanuku.

At Busy Bees Ōtāhuhu, we provide a range of opportunities for tamariki and whānau to celebrate cultural diversity. Sharing cultural knowledge and experiences supports our tamariki to develop respect and Aroha for one another.  Embracing diverse cultures creates an equitable learning environment for all tamariki, as we celebrate and affirm who they are and, in return, create a positive awareness and understanding of their own and other cultures.

Heart Foundation Awarded

We are extremely proud that we have received a Rito Tohu Manawa Ora | Healthy Heart Award from the Heart Foundation for the amazing things we do here to promote healthy food and physical activity.

With the inviting smell of home cooked meals and baking, you won’t have to search very far to find our fabulous and passionate childcare centre cook who freshly prepares all meals in the heart of our centre.

Across morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, our Nourish menu provides foods that are minimally processed, avoiding recipes that are high in added sugar, instead using fresh, real and wholesome ingredients. Children are provided with well-balanced meals from the four main food groups (breads and cereals, milk and milk products, fruit and vegetables, lean meat and meat alternatives).


We proudly operate our own Busy Bees centre van, allowing us to help support our centre whānau who require assistance with transport to and from the centre. We also utilise this awesome resource for excursions out and about in our local community!

Nursery (up to 2 years) - Our Nursery environment is based on building loving and trusting bonds between infants and teachers, who structure the day according to individual needs. Teachers work closely with families to understand infant cues and develop a routine that supports children’s natural rhythms. Play is open-ended and full of fun as we embrace the unknown of how children explore and experiment with their ideas and theories of how the world around them works.

Toddler (2-3.5 years) - Our Toddler centre is designed to help our tamariki balance the desire to be independent with the need to be nurtured and cared for. This age group are ready to explore their sense of self whilst still needing more care than the older children, therefore a focus on emerging social skills and independence make this space. Our Toddler environment is prepared to entice children’s curiosity and exploration where testing, trying and challenge is valued. We support childhood learning with a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and supportive of all children during this age of discovery and wonder.

 Preschool (3.5-6 years) - Our preschool room offers opportunities throughout the day for children to be involved in contributing to the curriculum by helping to make decisions about what is set up, and sharing their ideas. Teachers work alongside the children to set up an environment which is challenging, provides curiosity and active exploration. Children’s self-help skills are very important at this stage and children are supported to go to the toilet on their own, wash their hands, dress themselves, serve up their own morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We value that each child learns at their own pace and when they are ready, and that play is children’s work.

Preschooler learning cause and effect with paint at Busy Bees Ōtāhuhu
Beautiful set up for children to explore at Busy Bees Ōtāhuhu
Boy at Busy Bees Ōtāhuhu exploring natures treasures
Young girl exploring natures treasures at Busy Bees Ōtāhuhu
Children making the most of the sunshine and enjoying water play at Busy Bees Ōtāhuhu
Ocean week education in the toddler room at Busy Bees Ōtāhuhu


The staff are warm and welcoming. I enjoy the friendly talks and I can ask anything and expect an answer. The meals are also provided to help with nourishment and better concentration to help develop positive relationships and precious memories.

Parent Feedback

Easily adaptable to help cater my family's suitability. Appreciate the patient, kindness and respect from all staff. Admire the way staff interact with my children, especially when they started and we're at the transitioning stage. And administration office is by far one of the sweetest and most calm and collective being I have come across.​

Parent Feedback

Teachers look after children very well, do many activities and keep updating parents for everything. The overall service is great specially the transport service is highly appreciated. It's really helpful for families in need​. Amazing management.

Parent Feedback