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Busy Bees Rosedale


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details-poi 15-17 Saturn Place, Albany, Auckland, 0632

details-phone 09 444 1979


details-clock 7:30am - 6:00pm Monday to Friday

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Welcome to Busy Bees Rosedale 

Welcome to Busy Bees Rosedale Early Education Centre, where curious learners celebrate their unique journey with aroha and authenticity. We embrace Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy to cultivate curious minds and take great pride in providing a safe and empowering environment for tamariki to learn and grow.

Busy Bees Rosedale students painting activity

Our Classrooms

Our centre features Five classrooms specifically designed for different age groups, fostering Tuakana/teina relationships and engaged tamariki. Our focus is empowering tamariki to direct their learning while ensuring they feel supported and safe. We offer diverse open-ended and natural resources to encourage teachable moments and create happy, learning-focused experiences.

With the belief that children are capable and competent, the Reggio Emilia approach fosters a sense of independence, confidence, and a lifelong love for learning. The Reggio Emilia philosophy also places emphasis on the use of natural and loose parts in the learning environment. Natural materials, such as stones, leaves, shells, and branches, are incorporated into the classroom to provide tamariki with a connection to the natural world and promote sensory experiences. Loose parts refer to open-ended materials that can be manipulated and combined in various ways, such as blocks, fabrics, and recycled materials. These materials stimulate children's imagination, problem-solving skills, and creativity, allowing them to explore and construct their understanding of the world. The inclusion of natural and loose parts supports the Reggio Emilia philosophy's belief in the child's innate curiosity and ability to learn through hands-on exploration.

We place great importance on Aotearoa's unique bi-cultural curriculum. Te-reo is seamlessly integrated into our daily routines and activities for children. We acknowledge the diversity of our community and strive to create a strong sense of belonging for all tamariki in our care. We make it a point to celebrate every significant occasion from a child's cultural background within their environment. Our teachers show a constant commitment to learning about various customs by collaborating with parents and research.

Dietitian Designed Menus

Our dedicated cook and centre team is currently striving towards the Tohu Manawa Ora | Healthy Heart Award from the Heart Foundation.

Our inhouse cook provides freshly made meals for children each day using our Nourish menus and recipes. We believe that through nourishing food, children are fueled to thrive physically and mentally, whilst enjoying the benefits of coming together and connecting as a group at mealtimes. 

Our Rooms

Fern is where you will find the youngest members of our learning community. With our core values in mind and open-ended, uninterrupted play as the vehicle with which kaiako provide mokopuna with learning experiences. Our kaiako carefully create environments where tamariki are able to explore freely, safely, and confidently knowing that this is a home away from home.

The Kowhai room is a warm welcoming space designed to spark our toddler's curiosity and creativity. Tamariki are encouraged to express their ideas freely and spontaneously with the support of kaiako as they become independent, confident, and competent learners. Through trusting and reciprocal relationships, your child is able to thrive, while expressing their ideas of how things work and reach their learning goals.

Manuka is where our three-year-old tamariki will feel safe, secure, and loved. Our kaiako, support the development of each child’s emotional and social competencies. Our environment is carefully set out with the specific intention, ensuring our tamariki feel comfortable and confident to discover. Silliness and laughter are very important in our day-to-day in. 

In our Pohutukawa room, we prioritize the well-being of every child, fostering a strong sense of belonging and creating an atmosphere that promotes safety and nurtures their ability to overcome challenges. We understand the importance of resilience-building, and we actively support children in developing their self-help skills, empowering them to become confident and independent individuals.

Our Kauri learning environment seamlessly blends elements of early childhood education (ECE) and primary school to create a unique space that prepares Tamariki for the transition to formal schooling. Our mission is to ensure that this transition is met with ease and confidence, equipping children with the necessary scholastic- and life skills.

By combining the best of ECE and primary school principals, we create an environment that fosters holistic development, ignites a love for learning, and ensures a smooth and confident transition to formal schooling. Our goal is to empower Tamariki with the necessary skills, and knowledge. Not only capability ready but also mentally ready for their next big step.

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Outdoor Play in Sandpit at Busy Bees Rosedale
Rosedale Natural play
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Outdoor reading nook at Busy Bees Rosedale
Natural Resources at Busy Bees Rosedale


Friendly staff, our daughter loves them like they are her family. Communication is great, they do heaps of activities.

Parent Feedback April 2024

Great school. Awesome environment. Perfect teachers. Best childcare centre by far! My second child is currently with them and my third one will join the family as well.

Parent Feedback April 2024

Jan 2024 my daughter changed classrooms. She had been having a tough time with this change. The teachers had been very supportive and helpful and still are. My daughter loves everyone at school, some days she doesn't want to go home. They are always willing to listen to your concerns and as a parent it is comforting to know that your thoughts and suggestions are considered.

Parent Feedback March 2024


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