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Busy Bees
Silverdale Central


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details-poi 2 Weir Lane, Silverdale, 0932

details-phone 09 281 4303


details-clock 7:00am - 6:00pm Monday to Friday

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Nau Mai, Haere Mai Ki

Busy Bees Silverdale Central

Welcome to Busy Bees Silverdale Central, where we embrace Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy to cultivate curious minds! We take great pride in providing a safe and empowering environment for tamariki to learn and grow.

up-close view of child activity enhancing motor skills

We take great pride in providing a safe and empowering environment for tamariki to learn and grow. Our centre features six classrooms specifically designed for different age groups, fostering Tuakana/teina relationships and engaged tamariki. Our focus is empowering tamariki to direct their learning while ensuring they feel supported and safe. We offer diverse open-ended and natural resources to encourage teachable moments and create happy, learning-focused experiences.

At Silverdale Central, our kaiako create beautiful provocations where materials are carefully selected to provoke curiosity, promote critical thinking, and encourage tamariki to express themselves through various art forms. We believe that every moment is an opportunity for learning, and our kaiako utlise these teachable moments to enrich our children’s understanding of the world around them. With Northern Arena a short stroll away, each week we do an excursion for our tamariki to participate in swimming lessons!

We proudly embrace diverse cultures, where we cultivate an inclusive and equitable learning environment for all tamariki, as we celebrate and affirm who we all are, thereby fostering a positive awareness and understanding of our own and other cultures. We have numerous opportunities to celebrate different cultures alongside the tamariki. We mark language weeks, organise kapa haka evenings, engage whānau in celebrating Matariki, embrace the festivities of Chinese New Year, Diwali, and much more. By incorporating cultural diversity into our learning environment, we create a space where tamariki can develop an appreciation for their own heritage whilst simultaneously gaining insights into and respecting the richness of other cultures. This collective celebration and understanding pave the way for a truly inclusive educational experience.

Dietitian Designed Menus

Our dedicated cook and centre team is currently striving towards the Tohu Manawa Ora | Healthy Heart Award from the Heart Foundation. From wholesome ingredients to balanced portions, every meal is thoughtfully crafted to support healthy development and foster good eating habits from an early age.

Fruit Trees and Vegetable Gardens

Our centre has vegetable gardens and fruit trees. These gardens help tamariki learn through hands-on activities, encourage them to work together to plant and harvest, and teach them where food comes from. They also help children develop a love for nature and care for the environment.

Our Rooms

Our youngest tamariki start in the Fern room, which is based on building loving, respectful and trusting bonds, our kaiako work closely with families to understand cues and develop a routine that supports children’s natural rhythms. The RIE philosophy underpins our teaching philosophy where every tamariki is treated authentically. When tamariki are ready to progress, they will head into the Nikau room and utilise sensory play, outdoor exploration, music, and movement to create a fun, interactive atmosphere whilst maintaining a focus on the love and care that infants need to thrive.

The Kowhai room is designed to help our toddler-aged tamariki balance the desire to be independent with the need to be nurtured and cared for through rituals throughout the day. Our next room is Manuka, where our kaiako support the unfolding autonomy of the older tamariki to encourage the child’s emergent personality to blossom.

In our Preschool room Pohutukawa we support the tamariki with social and emotional competence at a time when they are ready to engage in meaningful play with others. They progress into our Kauri room, where tamariki start to become more aware of their upcoming transition to school, our resources are reflective of the mediums children will be using at school. Kaiako observe and converse with children to develop projects based on their interests.


School readiness programme

We support tamariki preparing for school, by incorporating a diverse range of learning provocations designed to enhance their social-emotional development, literacy skills, and numeracy abilities. In our Kauri room, we provide a reading and writing programme that is offered to children that want to participate.  Our holistic approach also focuses on nurturing their self-help skills, fostering independence, and teaching them how to responsibly care for their personal belongings and take care of themselves. By addressing these fundamental aspects, we aim to equip children with the essential life skills necessary for a successful transition into school and beyond.

Toddler on a bicycle at Busy Bees Silverdale Central
Toddler indoor play at Busy Bees Silverdale Central
Toddlers playing with bubbles outdoors at Busy Bees Silverdale Central
Toddler playing with toy animal at Busy Bees Silverdale Central
Toddler touching ice sensory play at Busy Bees Silverdale Central
Child learning fine motor skills at Busy Bees Silverdale Central


The teachers are so involved, they are always giving me feedback and suggestions for Ash and are amazing at changing things up with his schedule when I need them to. I feel so confident and happy leaving him with them as I know he's in good safe hands and is also having very interactive, fun days. I love getting the story park posts with photos of what he's been up to that day.

Parent Feedback

The staff and teachers are supportive and knowledgeable. The centre is beautiful, and I love the creative initiatives/projects organized. There is a high level of communication from the teachers and the online space is so cute for updates on the kid's experiences throughout the day.

Parent Feedback

Absolutely amazing centre. As soon as you walk in the door you feel at ease knowing your child is in good care as all the teachers are extremely welcoming and friendly. My daughter gets very excited and loves coming everyday to see her teachers and friends who she has made connections with. I 100% would recommend this centre, and would not go anywhere else.

Parent Feedback

We couldn’t have chosen a better center for our daughter. She is so incredibly happy and is always excited to go to school. The staff are so friendly and helpful and Peyton absolutely adores her teachers. I would recommend this center to anyone.

Parent Feedback

Great centre with awesome teacher, highly recommend.

Parent Feedback


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